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Stephanie Jacobsen

Asian Celebs11

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Stephanie Jacobsen is a Hong Kong-born Australian actress. She is knows for her roles in Alex Cross, Battlestar Galactica: Razor and Melrose Place. This is when she has a special appearance in the tv series Two and a Half Man. In this scene Stephani Jacobsen is wearing an orange two piece bikini. Stephanie has a sexy petite body and small tits. Stephanie Jacobsen has a fair skin and her long dark hair is all over her shoulders down to her back. Stephanie Jacobsen walks in to room wearing a bikini. Behind her is a man wearing a purple shirt.

Sung Hi Lee

Asian Celebs10

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Sung Hi Lee is a Korean American Model and actress. Sung Hi Lee appears mostly in soft-core nude photoshoots. Her height is 5 ft 4 in. and her body measurements are 33B 23 33.5. She has a long black hair and brown eye color. This movie is called This Girl’s Life in which she appears topless in one scene. In this scene Sung Hi Lee is topless showing her big natural tits with perky nipples. Her long black hair is pig tailed and she is wearing an eyeglass. Sung Hi Lee is topless in front of her laptop and busy chatting with someone.

Sola Aoi

Asian Celebs9

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Sola Aoi is a Japanese Av Idol, nude model, and film television actress. She is a famous adult video actress in Japan. Sola Aoi appears in movies such as Revenge: A Love Story, The Big Tits Dragon and Nama-natsu. Sola Aoi has innocent looking face with sexy body and large breast with perky nipples. This movie is called Man, Woman, and the wall where she shows her large breast and her bush. In this scene Sola Aoi takes off all of her clothes lies naked on bed showing her large breast and sexy body. She lies down and pleasure herself.

Wei Tang

Asian Celebs8

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Tang Wei is from Wenzhou, Zhenjian, China. Wei Tang is Chinese actress know for her appearance in Lust, Caution. She has a petite sexy body and small perky tits with puffy nipples. This is the Lust, Caution movie where she shows it all, from her perky tits to her bush. In this scene Tang Wei strips off all of her clothes exposing her small tits and bush. Tang Wei is having hot sex scene with her partner. Tang Wei lies naked on top of her naked partner. She spreads her legs wide open while her partner reaches for her bush and plays with it.

Christine Nguyen

Asian Celebs7

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Christine Nguyen is an American actress and model. She is born in Saigon and raised in the USA. Christine Nguyen is a softcore stunner brunette with large breast and perky nipples and sexy body. She is known for her work on Get Him to the Greek, Ghost in a Teeny Bikini and Kaboom. In this scene Christine Nguyen opens her tops and shows her big perky tits with hard pink nipples. Her long black hair is all over her back down to her back. She is wearing a large earring and makeup. She is in the kitchen showing her tits.

Joan Chen

Asian Celebs6

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Joan Chen is a Chinese and American actress. She is famous in china for her performance in the 1979 film Little Flower and international for her performance in 1987 Academy Award-winning film The Last Emperor. Joan Chen has a pretty face and small perky breast. This movie is called Tai-Pan where she shows her small perky breast. In this scene Joan Chen is wearing a sexy see thru yellow dress and round earrings. Her hair is dark hair is tied. Her small perky breast is clearly visible from her yellow see thru dress. Joan Chen’s jugs is slipping through her transparent silk top.

Kira Clavell

Asian Celebs5

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Kira Clavell is Canadian actress with mixed ethnicity. Kira Clavell is also an Elite model. Kira Clavell is knows for her roles inĀ  House of the Dead, Rub & Tug and Voyaged of the Unicorn. This is one of the episode of tv series Rogue named “Cathy’s Song” where she appeared fully naked. In this scene Kira Clavell takes off all of her clothes showing her perky tits with puffy nipples, sexy body and bush. The scene is a little bit dark but her goodies is clearly visible. Kira Clavell is standing naked inside a small dark room with a small round table.

Maui Taylor

Asian Celebs4

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Maui Taylor is a half-British and half-Filipino model and actress. Maui Taylor is a cute small asian actress with big round tits with puffy nipples and sexy body. Maui Taylor star in this movie called The Taste of Money where she bares her big round tits and gorgeous small sexy body. In This scene Maui Taylor is having hot sex with her partner in bed. Maui Taylor unbuttons her polo shirt and shows her big round and rides her partner. Her hair is covering her right eye. The room is a little bit dark but her breast is clearly visible. Behind her is two huge windows.

Chasty Ballesteros

Asian Celebs3

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Chasty Ballesteros is a Canadian actress of Filipino descent. She is known for her roles in Smallville, Supernatural, and Final Destination 5. Chasty Ballesteros has sexy body perky tits with hard puffy nipples. She has a long black straight hair. This movie is called The Girls Guide to Depravity where she shows her perky tits and gorgeous sexy body. In this scene Chasty Ballesteros is naked and having hot sex with her partner in the living room. Chasty Ballesteros takes off her all her clothes showing her perky tits and naked body, she leans her back to the wall while her partner eats her.

Sara Malakul Lane

Asian Celebs2

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Sara Malakul Lane is half-asian celeb. Sara Malakul Lane is a successful Thai model and actress. Sara Malakul has a big round tits with perky hard nipples and sexy body. Her hair is blonde. Sara Malakul Lane star in this movie called 17 & Life: Jailbait where she exposes her gorgeous body especially her big round tits. In this scene Sara Malakul Lane is topless showing her huge tits and perky nipples and only wearing her panties. Sitting next to her is her doctor that is taking advantage of her. Sara Malakul Lane is half naked and looks scared in this scene.